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Workshop Services
Safety Check                                                                             $35.00

Check over the bike and report on repairs needed, fix any minor issues

 Adjustment service 

Full check over includes gear adjustment,brake adjustment,true wheels,check tyre and driveline condition,check sttering and b/bracket condition 

and road test where possible.                                                      $75.00 plus parts

Major service

Complete strip down ,clean and service.replace gear cables,service b/bracket,grease headset. True wheels,tune gears and adjust brakes.

and road test where possible

                                                                                                       $165.00 Plus parts.

True wheel

Minor true                                                                                       $20.00

True wheel include fit spoke                                                           $40.00

True wheel using tension meter (inc carbon)                                  $60.00

Wheel Build                                                                                     $70.00 plus spokes

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