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Bike Fit

Get the best fit for your new or current bicycle.
  • Ride longer with less effort
  • Increase cycling comfort
  • Maximize cycling performance

Sore neck and back, knee pain, uncomfortable saddle - all can be signs of an improper bike fit.  Anyone who rides a bike, recreational to competitive, needs a proper bike fitting.  A bike that fits correctly is not only a blast to ride, it is essential for optimum comfort and efficient power transfer to the pedals.

A personal interview determines your riding style, preferences, goals and a few simple test are done to determine your flexibility.  Using this information in conjunction with precise body measurements, we will use a fitting bike or your current bike to size you for optimal comfort and performance.

Call in and see Belly to discuss our professional Bike Fitting service.

Positional check and minor adjustment        $50.00
2 Hour Bike Fit ,assement and adjustments:$150.00 + parts



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